Complete Collection


  • Platinum makeup complete collection
  • Platinum makeup complete collection

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The Complete Collection features four must-have makeup brushes, brow spoolie + brush roll.

Foundation Brush Soft, dense bristles buff foundation into the skin for a perfect airbrush finish.
How to apply: Use short strokes outward from centre of face to jaw and hairline.
Use with: Liquid and cream foundations, primer and concealer.

Small Powder Brush Shaped to deliver precise, targeted application of powder products.
How to apply: Gently dust product onto targeted areas to set or highlight.
Use with: Powder foundations, blush, bronzer and illuminator.

Contour Eye Brush Tapered, dense bristles effortlessly add impact and definition to the eye crease.
How to apply: Apply using a sweeping side-to-side stoke along eye crease.
Use with: Powder or cream eye shadow.

Angled Liner Brush Short, firm slanted bristles for precision application.
How to apply: Apply using short, precise strokes.
Use with: Powder or cream eye shadow.

Brow Spoolie Firm bristles for taming brows and blending brow colour.
How to apply: Gently brush brows using an upward motion.
Use with: Natural brows or colour products.

Brush Roll A convenient storage option to protect your brushes from damage.